Well there’s a new kid in town…

It’s me!

This week I began work at the Nancy Mae Shaines Memorial Library at Temple Israel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I am learning the ropes from Al, Meryl, and Diane, congregation members who have been holding down the fort since the previous librarian retired about a year ago.

I LOVE it here already. Very impressed with the serious renovations that took place since I lived here as a child. Looking forward to learning the Elazar classification system for Judaica, getting to know the Hebrew school children and members if the congregation, and getting in my first major bout with acquisitions and cataloging.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you… there doesn’t seem to be many resources out there on the interweb with info on cataloging in Elazar, so I’ll put up updates as I progress! …with the Elazar family’s blessing of course.

p.s. Safranit is Hebrew for librarian. Like what I did there? Ha!


Published by Sara Lesley Arnold

Librarian and writer

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