HaSefer B’Sakit

Before my arrival, Al and Diane instituted “Sefer Basakeet” in conjunction with the K-2 classes in the temple Hebrew school– an awesome program that translates as “Book in a Bag.” This monthly activity brings the children into the library for a story read aloud and an activity sheet reinforcing comprehension of the story, through character analysis etc.

The best part? The kids bring along their Sefer Basakit tote bags, choosing one themed library book to take home with them until the next month’s event. It’s pretty darn fun, and I’m psyched that these kids get the chance to develop an attachment to the temple library in this manner. As Al mentioned, it doesn’t often occur to the adults of the congregation that they may get Judaica and other Jew-ish materials for free at our library. I hope these children gain a sense of nostalgia from their experiences here.

The theme for the upcoming Sefer Basakit is Purim of course! The kids will be able to choose from books laid out on a large table. We have quite the selection… I’m impressed 🙂


Published by Sara Lesley Arnold

Librarian and writer

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